Extraordinary Spirits, Handcrafted Quality

Organic. Handblown Glass Bottles. Artisan-crafted Spirits.

Blukota Spirits are inspired by the legacy of our natural lands, the crafts people who built our country, and the wild horses who shared their spirit so we can thrive.

From the Founder of BluKota Spirits, Cynthia Payne

Create Your Own Story!

This has been my lifelong mission for myself.

Blukota Spirits is the newest chapter in my story.

Because of a promise I made myself while healing from cancer, I own a recycling company. Everyday I problem solve difficult waste streams issues for large industries, mainly aviation.

For our largest customer, daily we recycle 30,000 pounds of ice. The challenge was figuring out how to recycle over 1.5 million gallons of ice and water a year!

The Solution in a Flash of Insight!

One night, during the pandemic, watching the Steven Spielberg movie Band of Brothers, the solution came to me:

I will use the ice to make my own vodka.

Plus the movie, with its Native American threads, resonated with another lifelong passion: horses, especially the wild Mustang, aka the American wild horse.

Magic Happens!

In that wonderful way when everything clicks together, I saw Blukota Spirits answer so much I am passionate about:

  • Recycling and conversation
  • Creating legacy and respecting our land and our ancestors
  • Organic, regenerative agriculture
  • Artisan craft and small business
  • Support for America’s wild horses

I developed the recipes for Blukota Spirits with Master Distiller Paul Hughes. 

Our premium spirts are sold in handblown glass bottles made by Hot Glass Alley in Charlotte, NC.

Our spirts are distilled using the recycled ice by artisans at Great Wagon Road Distillery also located in Charlotte, NC.

Most of of our photography comes from the incomparable JT Humphreys.

Plus, a portion of sales goes to the Pine Nut Wild Horse Advocates.

A Dream Come True!

Made from inspiration through the generations with an artist’s eye, Blukota Spirts are a celebration of the best of us all … people, land, and horses.

I invite you to try Blukota Spirits today and … Create Your Own Story!


BluKota Spirits

Vodka and Gin available in standard bottles or, in limited quantities, handblown glass bottles.