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BluKota Spirits

BluKota Vodka

BluKota Vodka

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750 mL glass bottle

Meet Blue – Our Inspiration for Blukota Vodka

Just east of Sierra, Nevada, in the Pine Nut Mountains, lives Blue – a wild, blue roan stallion of the Fish Springs herd. Blue roans have indigenous ties going back to Sitting Bull, who considered these horse his most prized war horses.

Featuring Blue in his mountains, our signature spirit vodka is distilled 8 times with an organic neutral grain spirit base.

Enjoyed neat or on the rocks, the incredibly smooth taste will call to your inner spirit and remind you of your connection to the land.

Crafted in an innovative process, BluKota Vodka is the natural clarity of mountain waters and the fresh cool air at the top of the ridge of Blue’s mountain home.

Majestic in bearing, with intelligence and heart to protect his family, Blue also has a worldwide fan base.

Celebrate this incredible stallion and his band of brothers today! Cheers!

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